Vehicle Tracking

Car tracking is essential when you want to get back your car that has been stolen. Technology has grown to its highest level that it is never impossible for you to do the tracking of your lost car and
to get it back.

This device allows you to locate your lost car using this tracking device. Your car can now be easily recovered by police officers. Police Forces all over Australia are now using this technology to make
crminal detection simpler.

The birth of this new technology opens the door to the following advantages:

Advanced Tracking Software Device

Car finder systems uses GPS location technology and its advanced software is connected to its map that gives the exact location of the car using coordinates relayed from the receiver. These are
often used by private detectives and police forces to track a suspect. Many people choose to use this as anti-theft devices; although the receivers cannot stop a criminal from stealing your car, in the end it can tell you where they took it.

Small and Will Not Easily be Noticed

A vehicle tracking system looks like a small walkman audio device. It is small that it can fit in the palm of your hand and is designed 75mm x 50mm x 25mm. They can be very small so that it fits in the palm of your hand. The GO5 Compact plugs directly into your vehicle's OBD port providing true 'plug and play' GPS tracking.

Sending Alerts

Car tracking systems do not just locate your lost vehicle but, it has its advanced unit that can send alerts when your vehicle drives outside a certain zone. This can also track and monitor your vehicle's speed. Its more advanced features are tied to the software. This can also plot the vehicle stops and time at certain locations for logistics and employee monitoring.

Protects your Car

The GPS tracking system will protect your car from theft and gives you a chance to recover it after it has been stolen. This also helps reduce theft because criminals know that they could be located by the device, that is why, they became more hesitant in attempting to steal a car. Law enforcement officers can now easily track and apprehend them through this device.

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