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Most people, especially men, dream of having their own vehicle. Some of them save a great amount from their salary just to come up with enough money to purchase a car. When the time comes that they already have the car of their own, they take extra precaution to avoid possible accidents that may damage one of their greatest investments. Yet criminal cases especially carjacking are inevitable these days. Knowing that your vehicle is stolen would really make you feel terrible and depressed. However car stealing cases can be prevented by means of using an excellent car tracking technology.

A good system installed into the vehicle brings plenty of benefits for car owners. By using a vehicle tracking system, drivers can easily detect the location of their vehicle through the details generated by the satellites. Once the vehicle’s location will be determined, then the tracking firm can take certain actions immediately. It is advisable for you to notify people that you have installed a car tracking system in your car so that thieves will feel afraid of stealing it.

A car tracking system is not only capable of determining the car’s location but also its speed and acceleration. In that means, you will be able to know how far you have been going or if you are travelling in a higher speed. Furthermore, this tracking system is also useful for car insurance purposes. The insurance firm will evaluate your premium depending on the distance you have per month. The premium will be much lower if you have reasonable distance.

Investing into vehicle tracking technology is a worthwhile decision as it brings a lot of advantages for you. You would not like to spend greater amount of money for purchasing a brand new car again just because your car was stolen. So if you want to install an efficient cartracking system into your vehicle then Securatrak can provide what you need. They offer the Geotab GO5 Compact tracking GPS solution which is affordable and can easily be installed and operated. It has a real time tracking and could generate custom reports and alerts.

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December 5, 2011 - Kingswood, SA, Australia - the market leaders in GPS Asset vehicle tracking, GPS Fleet tracking & Personal GPS tracking - Securatrak - offers the latest fleet management product in the market today.

However, one of the many challenges faced by logistics, courier, transport companies or any related service industries is minimising profit or opportunity loss due to traffic, late starts and early finishing, long rest periods etc. However, thanks to Securatrak, those common business operation problems can now be stopped and corrected.

Securatrak is pleased to announce that they have revolutionised the service industry with their latest GP tracking innovation, the Geotab GO5 Compact, a new car tracking GPS solution.

“With its small, fit in your hand design the GO5 Compact plugs directly into your vehicle's OBD port providing true plug and play GPS tracking,” said Securatrak.

The revolutionary GO5 Compact allows simple DIY installation eliminating costly and professional engineering. Once connected, the GO5 Compact will automatically deliver precise GPS based telemetry information.

Benefits for Small to medium sized enterprises and Service industries:

  • Reduce lost profit by reducing unproductive activities
  • Stop late starts, early finishing, long rest periods, taking too long at clients etc which can account to 25% of a drivers day – all lost profit or opportunity
  • Assign the closest vehicle to an urgent job
  • Address client complaints with information
  • Ensure contracts are being serviced correctly ensuring customer service satisfaction
  • Ensure sales teams are spending time with clients rather than too long elsewhere
  • Analyse cost of sale versus time with client to ensure accounts are being serviced correctly and not over or under managed
  • Benchmark high performers against struggling sales people to help team development and optimal performance
  • Ensure time is not spent at the wrong place (too much time at home, golf course etc)
  • Manage time to ensure visit KPI's are met according to deadline or scheduled
  • Ensure employees arrive on time and complete tasks as scheduled
  • Eliminate jobs on the side
  • Stop false time sheets
  • Prevent driver going out of their way to congregate for lunch
  • Choose the best operative for a rush job
  • Arrival notification to ready load bay teams
  • Bottle neck analysis to analyse lost time
  • Fuel savings through route control
  • Time management eliminating excessive breaks and late start / early finish
  • Engine telemetry management
  • Contract management ensures clients get the service they require
  • Location control and expand operations without the need for rearranging a schedule
  • Closest vehicle analysis, deploy the right vehicle every time

With the GO5 Compact from Securatrak, time management and essential operational management information is fast, convenient, cost-effective and accurate.

To know more about the Geotab GO5 Compact car tracking device, call 1300 653 395 or visit

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If you want to monitor and secure your vehicle at all times, you need to install a GPS car tracking system. This way it can enable you to follow the movement or even check the location of your car using the GPS device. You can have an idea where your car is right now, especially if it is a delivery car and you need your goods to be delivered on time. The tracking device can also protect your goods by knowing where they are delivered and what time they arrived in the destination.

There are two types of GPS tracking devices for vehicles. The passive and the real time devices. The passive devices only keep a log of the vehicles status, directions, and speed that are all saved on the memory chip. You can have the option to retrieved those information later and use them to analyse and monitor the driver's driving performance and check some ways to optimise the vehicle's route.

Meanwhile, the real time devices shows you the location of the car via a satellite that has a link to the internet. These tracking devices can accurately give you exact information of your vehicle including the location, distance travelled etc. So you will exactly know where your car is located at that very moment. That can ease your worries, right?

You can also purchase a do-it-yourself installation GPS tracking device such as the new revolutionary geotab go5 compact car GPS tracking device. It is designed to fit your palm and you can plug it directly to your vehicle OBD port. And since it is a DIY tracking device, it eliminates the costly and professional engineering fee. Once the go5 compact is connected, it can automatically deliver exact GPS based telemetry information.

The go5 compact GPS vehicle tracking device for vehicles can generate automated custom reports and alerts on where is the vehicle located at the moment. It can also covers 7500km of data memory in case you lost your signal on your mobile phone+

Plus you can track any lost vehicle with the go5 compact. You can locate the exact location of the stolen car, thus it can be a lot easier for you to retrieve it and for the authorities to capture the suspects. And it can even notify you if your car speeds off or if you are driving on a none approved location.

Therefore, the geotab go5 compact vehicle GPS tracking device is very handy and effective to have to track your vehicles wherever it may go.

For more inquiries about the go5 compact car tracking device, visit SecuratTrak at

Car tracking is essential when you want to get back your car that has been stolen. Technology has grown to its highest level that it is never impossible for you to do the tracking of your lost car and
to get it back.

This device allows you to locate your lost car using this tracking device. Your car can now be easily recovered by police officers. Police Forces all over Australia are now using this technology to make
crminal detection simpler.

The birth of this new technology opens the door to the following advantages:

Advanced Tracking Software Device

Car finder systems uses GPS location technology and its advanced software is connected to its map that gives the exact location of the car using coordinates relayed from the receiver. These are
often used by private detectives and police forces to track a suspect. Many people choose to use this as anti-theft devices; although the receivers cannot stop a criminal from stealing your car, in the end it can tell you where they took it.

Small and Will Not Easily be Noticed

A vehicle tracking system looks like a small walkman audio device. It is small that it can fit in the palm of your hand and is designed 75mm x 50mm x 25mm. They can be very small so that it fits in the palm of your hand. The GO5 Compact plugs directly into your vehicle's OBD port providing true 'plug and play' GPS tracking.

Sending Alerts

Car tracking systems do not just locate your lost vehicle but, it has its advanced unit that can send alerts when your vehicle drives outside a certain zone. This can also track and monitor your vehicle's speed. Its more advanced features are tied to the software. This can also plot the vehicle stops and time at certain locations for logistics and employee monitoring.

Protects your Car

The GPS tracking system will protect your car from theft and gives you a chance to recover it after it has been stolen. This also helps reduce theft because criminals know that they could be located by the device, that is why, they became more hesitant in attempting to steal a car. Law enforcement officers can now easily track and apprehend them through this device.
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